In a speech in the Rose Garden yesterday, flanked by David Chavern, chief operating officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO and member of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, President Obama unveiled his plan for more stimulus.

That’s right; the President has a plan for more stimulus. Somewhat surprising, isn’t it? It’s like being surprised the fox repeatedly returns to the henhouse for his dinner. But in all fairness to the President, what else does he know how to do? After all, socialists only understand how to spend other peoples’ hard-earned wealth; what they do not understand is how to create wealth.

And as I posted earlier, emphasis is again on the infrastructure and green energy. The President’s plan for more stimulus is to spend tax dollars on jobs that are temporary – primarily repairing bridges and roads. He claims that if Congress will extend bills to fund highways and air travel, one million jobs will be protected; jobs funded solely by tax dollars. The problem is, the country is broke. And all so-called stimulus involves having to borrow 42 cents on every dollar spent.

Any individual that has to borrow 42% of all funds he spends is in real financial trouble, and is unlikely to be able to repay it. Government spending is no different. But that doesn’t seem to bother the President. It seems he believes that as long as the Fed can print money, he can spend it. So, he is unveiling his plan for more stimulus.

But, government spending is not income producing – in this case its socialism; redistribution of wealth. Only capitalism is income producing.

And while green energy may be a good thing, we can ill afford it if it means shutting down coal-fired power plants which will cause electric rates to skyrocket. Yet that is what is happening. The cap-and-trade policies of the EPA under the Obama Administration have become so onerous that it is estimated more than 20% will be caused to shut down in the near future due to the retrofitting being cost prohibitive.

One estimate is that as many as 60,000 jobs will be lost to the coal industry. And what is so ironic is that in light of all this the Administration claims its policies are designed to create jobs. Just who are they trying to convince – themselves? Tell that to the coal miners of Wyoming and to West Virginia and other Appalachian states where the fate of entire communities depend upon coal production.

One might wonder why the President chose yesterday to give a speech given he is scheduled to speak before a joint-session of Congress next week, where he will be addressing the same issues. The reason can only be that he was sending a message to the Republican-controlled House that he will be taking them head-on in the upcoming debate over spending. You might say he fired a volley across their bow. After all, he is no doubt still stinging from the defeat he took in the recent debt-ceiling debate, where the Republicans held firm and on the eleventh-hour he was forced to withdraw his demand for more spending.

And as usual, in the Rose Garden speech the President attempted to convince the American public that government spending stimulates the economy through job growth. Of course, he was wrong. Earlier stimulus spending was an absolute failure, as even the White House had to admit. The President personally said that so-called shovel-ready jobs “were not so shovel ready.” And is there any reason to believe another stimulus will be any more successful? I think not. But it will accomplish one thing which is important to the President – it will further redistribute wealth, taking from those who produce and giving to those who do not.

While Obama consistently preaches he is for the working class, just who do you suppose he thinks the 60,000 will be? As I see it, this nation does not need a plan for more stimulus. What we need is for the government to get out of the way and let the free-enterprise system work.

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