So, why do certain legislators, government officials, and civil authorities push for gun-free zones? Do they honestly believe that by denying law-abiding citizens the freedom to bring guns into an area make it safe, or safer, from gun violence? Or is there rhetoric nothing more than an appeal to the emotions–as a cover for their real purpose? If so, what could that real purpose be?

The issue calls for logical thinking. First, as the term implies, law-abiding citizens are law-abiding. And law-abiding citizens own and carry guns. However, those who oppose gun ownership don’t seem to be interested in this fact. They keep harping on taking guns away from law-abiding citizens without addressing the killers.

Since when have mass murderers abided by a nations laws? Can mass murderers be expected to comply with the intent of a gun-free zone? The answers are unambiguously obvious. Mass murderers not only defy gun-free zone requirements, but use the law to their advantage.

It’s common knowledge that mass murderers, whether foreign or home-grown, whether Islamic or otherwise, being the cowards that they are, seek out soft targets, targets with a high concentration of personnel and little or no defense. That scenario provides a window of opportunity for them to carry out their horrendous acts unimpeded.

So, the suggestion that law-abiding citizens engage in gun violence is preposterous. On the other hand, it is natural for murderers and terrorists to engage in gun violence. After all, that is what murderers and terrorists do!

Now, back to the question, does designating an area as a gun-free zone make if safer? The answer is no. Mass murderers and terrorists seek out soft targets because they realize there is little chance they will be stopped. If however, they know beforehand that an area is not a gun-free zone, that law-abiding citizens can bring concealed guns into the area, they will think twice. The last thing a mass murderer or terrorist wants is to come face to face with a law-abiding citizen carrying a concealed handgun.

Concealed handguns within the citizenry is a real deterrent to those who wish to do us harm. And when pushed for the truth the government, politicians, and civil authorities admit as much. The perfect example is the Air Marshal program, where federal law enforcement personnel dressed in plain clothing fly alongside regular passengers.

Do legislators, government officials, and civil authorities understand these facts when they propose gun-free zones? Yes! But they are not concerned with facts. Nor are they concerned with the average person being protected. What they are concerned with is a disarmed citizenry, and will go to great lengths to bring it about. A disarmed citizenry has no real defense against a tyrannical government. A disarmed citizenry is easily controlled!

It was reported that the U.S. population in 2013 was an estimated 317 million, whereas the number of possessed firearms was thought to be 357 million. If those numbers are accurate, and if more people are presently purchasing firearms than ever before, as the news seems to suggest, then there are far more firearms in America today than people.That is good news.

Let’s hope those who wish for a disarmed America understands this.

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