We are told we should be respectful of others’ opinions. Have you noticed that those making such demands are the least tolerant of what others say; that when they are unable to debate an issue they always revert to general statements and personal attack?

I welcome legitimate debate as I often learn from others. I even welcome comments from those whose only agenda is to attack anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. I don’t learn from them, but I respect their right to free speech.

Every tax-paying, freedom loving American citizen has not only the right but duty to openly express his or her feelings about those issues affecting their society – to include agreeing or disagreeing with political decisions and those making those decisions. Such is one of the very pillars upon which this great republic was founded.

Should we HUSH about:
• An administration that pushed homosexuality onto an unwilling military?
• An administration that refuses to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which says marriage is only between a man and a woman?
• An administration that has never presented a budget to Congress, although required to do so, but has created more debt than any prior, and has no intent on putting an end to its wasteful, borrowed spending?

I suspect the political correct crowd would say yes, we should HUSH. Is that not what happened in Europe leading up to World War II, when, because of intimidation people did not speak up and 6-million Jews were murdered? Might that also explain that when I asked for directions to Dachau from people living close by, that they acted as though they did not know there was such a place?

It is true that the present administration is not responsible for all our nation’s ills. The last administration was not much better. But it is also true that the present administration is the one presently in charge.

No, we will not be HUSHED!

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