The campaign season is all but over. There are no more debates. November 6 is but a few days away. Have the candidates revealed their positions; have they presented a clear picture of their plans for this nation?

I say yes! Anyone who has not yet decided who to vote for in the upcoming election is simply detached from reality. The philosophical differences between the two candidates could not be sharper.

One stands for higher taxes and more government intrusion in our lives; the other, lower taxes and less intrusion. One believes non-elected bureaucrats know what is best for everyone; the other believes the individual is more capable of making his own decisions.

The one believes appeasement of Communists and Islamists is the means to a safer and more peaceful society; the other realizes such naivety spells disaster. One believes Israel is an obstacle to Middle East peace; the other that the tiny nation is the only stability in the Middle East.

One supports homosexuality, Communism, and Islamism in our schools; and opposes Christianity and the Bible. The other realizes this nation was founded on Christian principals taken directly from the Bible and wishes to restore it to its rightful place.

In other words, one believes government is the solution to man’s problems; the other recognizes government is the problem!

If one wins the upcoming election, as a nation we will begin a process of recovery; fiscal responsibility will take center stage. In time, we may even re-embrace the principals established by our founding fathers.

If the other wins, we can expect a Godless society where government controls every facet of our lives. Christianity and the Bible will be forever gone; all churches will be closed. Only mosques will be open. The only question is; who will be the stronger, Muslims or Communists?

The future rests with your vote!

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