President Truman had a saying, “The buck stops here.” That meant he accepted responsibility for everything that went wrong within his administration, whether he was personally involved or not. Boy, those were the good old days!

Today, we have a president who says the buck stops someplace else.

The American Ambassador to Libya wrote in his log that he feared for his life, and according to intelligence reports his concern was well founded. There had been numerous terrorist attacks. Embassy security was understaffed and there were repeated requests for additional resources – all denied. Even the British had closed their embassy due to threats.

Then it happened. The American embassy was attacked by a well-organized Islamic terrorist group. The embassy and consulate were destroyed and four Americans murdered, including the ambassador. And from the moment the attack began, embassy security was in direct contact with the State Department.

And let’s not forget that an attack on embassy property is an act of war!

Yet, the President and Vice President say they had been unaware of the threat-level, and for some time after the attack falsely claimed it was a spontaneous response to an anti-Islamic video. But why? Because the White House chose appeasement of Muslims over protection of American government employees!

We live in a time of instant communications. The President gets daily intelligence briefings, and if need be is awakened from sleep to be briefed. Plus, as Commander-in-Chief, he is responsible for the security of Americans world-wide.

So, was the White House responsible for the American deaths at Benghazi? You be the judge. Just ask yourself, “Do I want four more years of the buck stopping someplace else?”

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