No one can deny that we are in the political season hot and heavy. And one of the hottest issues is Medicare. Can it be saved? If yes, then how? Both the President and Rep. Ryan say they have plans to do just that. So, let’s make a summary examination of both plans.

I am not an authority on the workings of Obamacare, but reports (many) are that the law calls for $715 billion of its funding to come from Medicare. To put it another way, $715 billion is to be taken from Medicare to help pay for Obamacare.

Part of that $715 billion was for payments to Medicare providers who already claim to be undercompensated. How do you feel about healthcare rationing – it is coming!

Realizing Medicare will soon be broke if major changes are not made, Rep. Paul Ryan wants to leave it as is for everyone age 55 and older, and just make changes for those under 55. That means no one presently on Medicare will be affected, and no one reaching Medicare age within the next ten years will be affected.

Of course, for Ryan’s plan to take effect, Obamacare must be repealed. And that means the Republicans must win back the Senate and White House in November.

As a senior citizen on Medicare, I am very concerned. I don’t want my medical care rationed, and I don’t want to get a letter from one of my doctors saying he can no longer provide me service.

Between Obama’s and Ryan’s plans, I know which one I like best. I hope you do too. November 6 is just around the corner.

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