I just read that more than half the American population receives some form of social assistance. Social assistance – that’s a nice way of saying welfare.

If we get out of work we can draw unemployment for more than a year. If we get upside-down in our home mortgage, the government will reduce the principal. And if we decide to just stop paying, we can get free rent for two years or more.

There are programs for free or subsidized rent, free medical and dental care, free food stamps, free energy, free telephone service, free furniture, free used autos, and assistance for unwed mothers – the list goes on and on.

And money is the least of concern; Obama’s friend Bernanke has a money machine.

If we continue down this economic path, we may soon reach a time when no one has to work. The government will take care of everyone from cradle to grave. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

There will be plenty of time for those great things in life, like fishing and golfing. You can tell what I like, can’t you? Just think – the whole country will be on permanent vacation.

And we can all be Democrats, or Progressives – or is it Marxists? I tend to have difficulty separating the three.

Oh, I forgot! If no one is working, who will produce our food? Who will be producing our energy? What about police or fire protection? And who will be available to run the stores where we shop?

But not to worry – I’m sure our government has an answer.

Just remember all this when you step into that voting booth on November 6. We certainly wouldn’t want to upset a good thing.

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