Why did we lose the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? If you say we have not yet lost, you will be wrong. Fact is we lost the very moment we refused to recognize the enemy.

And who was the enemy? The enemy was and still is Islam. No matter how the elite choose to spin it, the answer is always the same. It’s not just the Al-Qaeda and Taliban that we are fighting; we are fighting Islam. And the sooner Americans accept that fact the better.

For some reason our government, and many regular Americans want to separate good Muslims from bad Muslims, when in reality the term “good Muslim” is an oxymoron; there is no such thing.

All Muslims are immoral and corrupt; it is a way of life. It is how Muslims are brought up. Lying and cheating are relished so long as it accomplishes a goal; the end always justifies the means.

Iraqis and Afghans are a tribal people who for generations have been fighting among themselves. They don’t trust people in the next village who are also Muslims, so why should they trust outsiders who are not Muslims?

And by the way, from infancy all Muslims are taught to hate Jews and Christians.

So, no matter who governs Iraq and Afghanistan when all American forces are withdrawn, things will not have changed, only the leaders’ names. The governments will still be corrupt, the people will still be immoral, and from infancy the citizens will still hate Jews and Christians.

And all the American blood soaked in the sands of those God-forsaken nations will have been in vain.

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were lost long before we fired our first shots. We lost the moment we refused to recognize the enemy.

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