Whenever the President spoke on behalf of his signature legislation, he was always emphatic in denying the repeated charge that it imposed a tax on those who refused to purchase approved medical insurance. Yet, in spite of his constant denials, when his lawyers defended that legislation before the U.S. Supreme Court, their argument was exactly the opposite – they said it did impose a tax.

Is it possible the President (who is also a lawyer who once taught Constitutional Law) was not in tune with his own lawyers? Is it possible they argued in opposition to his wishes?

Even before the nation’s highest court handed down its most damaging, left-leaning decision in my lifetime, President Obama had already become known as someone skilled in taking extreme liberty with fiction, never allowing anything as simple as facts to impede what he set out to accomplish.

But now he has stooped to a new low, and in my opinion deserves the honor of having a new title added to his long list – that of “Liar-in-Chief.” Why – because in just 3-1/2 years, through deception, half-truths, misleading comments, and outright lies, he has managed to do more damage to this nation, and its citizenry, than all those preceding him.

And the Affordable Health Care Act so intertwines our every-day life that lawyers are still struggling to fully understand it – we can expect a decade of piecemeal surprises, none good.

Our President should be someone we trust. When he says something, it should be the truth. But maybe we should overlook such minor imperfections and consider his campaign promise – he said he would transform America. That was the truth!

I still believe he has earned the title, “Liar-in-Chief.”

And by the way, don’t forget to vote on November 6!

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