First, just what is an EMP? EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. It is the electromagnetic field that comes with the explosion of any nuclear munition – in other words, it is the electrical wave that spreads across the terrain, overloading and knocking out all electrical and electronic systems in its path.

This is not myth; it is fact! It happened in Japan in 1945 when the U.S. dropped two nuclear bombs on that nation.

And it happened in 1962 when our government tested a nuclear device 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean. That test extinguished approximately 300 street lights, set off burglar alarms, and damaged a telephone company microwave link in Hawaii some 898 miles away.

The Soviet Union conducted nuclear tests that same year with like results. But, in 1962 electronics and computers were still in their infancy. Cars and trucks used mechanical distributors. And automotive computers were unheard of.

Today, all of that has changed. Today, almost everything is electronic or computerized including autos, easy prey, we are told, for even a small nuclear device going off in our atmosphere.

While it is only theory as to how vulnerable we are today, some experts say a nuclear device exploded over the middle of the U.S. would shut down the electrical grid from coast to coast, and with it municipal utilities to include water and sanitation. That is scary, to say the least!

But, yes, there are ways to protect against an EMP attack. Go on the internet, type in EMP protection, hit enter and you will see numerous informative articles on the subject.

So, is the threat of an EMP attack real? With the likes of Iran and North Korea, can anyone say no?

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