First, just what is Agenda 21? Agenda 21 is a UN program initiated in 1992 for the achievement of global “sustainable development.” Specifically, that means government control of everything associated with life as Americans know it.

And it begins with land use. That’s right, land use; how all land is to be used. You see, the United Nations believes it knows better than you and I as to how our land is to be utilized.

Under Agenda 21, governments (local, state, and federal) determine which lands can be used for farming, and which cannot. And where farming is concerned, they tell us which crops can be raised and which cannot.

They even tell us how much of a particular crop we can raise. And they go so far as to tell us which farm lands are to go idle, and for how long. For those unaware, the US Department of Agriculture has for many years been fostering the very programs Agenda 21 wishes will become reality worldwide.

Agenda 21 also calls for government deciding just where businesses can be formed and where people can live. And what type of housing can be built where; single family, multi-family, apartments, etc.

All this sounds a lot like zoning and covenant laws doesn’t it? It is – with one exception. Just think of covenant and zoning laws, agriculture laws, transportation laws, and EPA rules all combined and on steroids – that is Agenda 21 in a nutshell.

The next time some local government wishes to change the zoning laws for a certain area or piece of property, before you jump on board and say it is a great thing, just remember that the change will necessarily favor a certain individual or group at the expense of someone else. Zoning and agricultural laws are political. And in politics there are always winners and losers.

And what about the push for renewable energy and the put-down of fossil fuels – could this be part of Agenda 21? You bet it is! In fact, Green is just another term for Agenda 21.

Plus, in the name of aiding the less fortunate, Agenda 21 is all for redistributing wealth. Is that something you have been hearing about lately? And do you think that is something our present administration is pushing for?

Full implementation of Agenda 21 is a piecemeal operation: but when fully enacted will mean public transportation will replace private, individual homes will go by way of efficiency apartments, all medical care will be government controlled, all food will be government grown, government education will be mandatory, and all children will become wards of the state at birth.

Have no doubt about it; Agenda 21 is an important and necessary stepping stone toward the achievement of a “one-world Communist (Marxist) government.” And in case you may be thinking it is linked to a certain political party, it should be understood that Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama all signed Executive orders in support of it.

So, if you are already familiar with Agenda 21; then tell others about it – help them become equally familiar. If you are not familiar with it, since I have only touched the tip of the iceberg, Google the internet or visit the local library. Become informed. I, for one, do not wish to lose any more of the rights and privileges our Constitution once granted.

And once last thing – think about which politicians support or oppose Agenda 21 when you enter that polling booth in November.

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