Asking if Obama is trying to destroy Social Security for our nation’s seniors, I believe is a fair question. And here is why.

A report just released by the Social Security Trustees says Social Security will run out of money in 2033. Worse yet, the Trustees say the Medicare Trust Fund will be out of funds in 2024. And even more frightening, they predict the Social Security Disability Trust Fund will go broke in 2016, just four years from now.

And how does Obama fit into this soon to be financial disaster for our older citizens? – He pushed for and got a 2% Payroll Tax holiday for years 2011 and 2012. In the name of giving workers tax relief, the President cut funding for programs that have become the life-blood for many in their later years.

Giving tax relief to wage earners was an honorable thing since most workers would have agreed they were paying too much in taxes. And, a tax reduction meant their paychecks would be a little larger, which became reality when the bill was signed into law. The issue was, however, which wage earner taxes should have been given the holiday?

Why was the temporary tax reduction taken from Social Security instead of Income Taxes? After all, the end result for wage earners would have been exactly the same. But, income Taxes fund the General Fund, whereas Payroll Taxes go towards funding programs essential to senior citizens.

Whatever his implied reasoning, which I have yet to hear, the bottom line is that the President chose to further his redistribution of wealth agenda on the backs of those who could least afford it – senior citizens.

Could it be that Obama was just naturally playing another card taken from the Communist deck that says people’s value to society progressively diminishes after a certain chronological age?

Now, something more to think about – the above mentioned dates are based upon an assumption the economy is in an upturn and will quickly return to normal or full employment. But, is there anyone who honestly believes that?

Also, should Congress choose to stop the 31 percent reduction in reimbursements to doctors scheduled to take effect January 1, 2013, then Medicare’s solvency will become even direr.

Therefore, my opinion is that come November, every senior citizen should give this issue careful thought before entering the ballot box.

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