Before anyone begins to engage in any type of endeavor, they must have a goal. As Merriam-Webster puts it, a goal is “the end toward which effort is directed.” That being said, what has been America’s goal, or the end toward which effort has been directed in Afghanistan?

I dare say that if you were to pose that question to our present Defense Department or White House, or those of our previous administration for that matter, you would get an answer ambiguous to even the one giving it.

The spokesperson would be quick to say it was our intent to win. And to win would be defined as cessation of all hostilities, and the establishment of some semblance of a democratic government. A laudable outcome that would be, to say the least.

But what has been and is still missing from this formula for success is that of identifying the enemy. And if you do not know just who the enemy really is, you have a problem. What is far worse, however, is to know the enemy but not be willing to admit it.

Our enemy in Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq and throughout the Middle East, save the tiny state of Israel, is Islam. Muslims all over the world are fully aware of this fact and ram it down our throats every day. So, why do we not accept it?

For some reason that escapes all logic, our elected and appointed politicians have this bright idea that we can go into a country where everyone has been taught from birth that non-Muslims are infidels – and by waving a magic wand we can weed out the bad guys and convert the others into believing we are there to help them. If that whole idea sounds stupid to you, then you understand the mindset of our White House (and the last one), our State Department, and unfortunately far too many within our Defense Department.

But this problem of not being willing to identify the enemy didn’t just begin with the Bush Administration. Just think about it, the U.S. has not won a war since WWW II. We lost in Korea because we had a president who cowardly gave in to the Chinese over his field commander.

The conflict in Korea has been defined by historians as a stalemate. It was not a stalemate – it was a defeat. Communism on the Korean peninsula was the enemy and we were afraid to take it head on. So, we lost and the Communists won. And they are still winning all the while we continue chasing an allusive peace through appeasement.

Just imagine the laughter within the North Korean hierarchy as jokes are told about how they once again suckered us into giving them vast amounts of food and medical supplies on their word that they will give up their nuclear weapons – only to inform the world soon thereafter of their intent to test a nuclear weapon or long-range missile.

And was the war in South East Asia too long ago to remember? For some yes, since it ended 37 year ago. However, for some of us it was just like yesterday. Memory tells me some 60,000 American men and women died in that war, and many more were maimed for life – and then we lost it when we gave up the will to fight and win.

Just like in Iraq and Afghanistan, we were not willing to recognize the true enemy and take the fight to him. I can still remember that even while lying in my bunk I could hear the bombs going off as they fell from B-52s. The enemy could set his watch to the timing.

We dropped enough bombs to make North Vietnam a parking lot. But the Communists won and we lost. And millions of innocent people paid the price with their lives. And those 60,000 Americans that died fighting for a cause they believed in (or did not believe in), all died in vain.

I will not attempt to suggest I understand what must have been the thoughts that went through the mind of the soldier who was recently charged with murdering 16 Afghan civilians. Only the day prior his friend had a leg blown off. Plus, what about the fact that he had personally sustained a head injury and lost part of one foot during two separate combat incidents?

And how many Americans have been savagely murdered because of the Koran burnings – Korans that had been desecrated by Muslims I might add. And let’s not forget that Islam dictates that all desecrated Korans be destroyed by fire. Where is the outcry?

Have you been hearing our government talk about that fact? No. What you have been hearing is possible disciplinary action against those who carried out the command. Just goes to prove you should never let a good deed go unpunished!

Oh, I forgot – you have also been hearing the President apologize to the Afghans.

Naturally, I do not agree with the killing of innocent people. But that brings us back to that point of deciding just who the enemy is. In times like this I like Joshua’s solution, WHILE UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF ALMIGHTY GOD.

“And the LORD our God delivered him before us; and we smote him, and his sons, and all his people” (Deuteronomy 2:33).

Some would say that such measures for today would be too horrific. So was 9-11. And so it is every time some lunatic suicide bomber blows himself up and takes with him an American serviceperson whose only goal is to assist a people in need.

If you are a Christian, join me by adding the charged soldier to your prayer list, as I am afraid he will need all the assistance he can get.

I close this post by asking the question again; is American policy responsible for the 16 Afghan killings?

I believe it is a fair question.

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