Over the past there has been a lot of discussion about how long it takes an oil well to begin producing once drilling begins. Some say it takes 10 years or more – therefore, opening more territory for drilling will not pay off for many years in the future.

But is that right? For the most part no! What determines how long it takes a well to begin producing oil or natural gas depends upon the depth of the well and the type of material the drilling has to penetrate.

For instance, drilling through hard rock takes longer than drilling through less dense material. Plus, there are various depths of wells. Very deep wells can take as long as three years to complete – but that is an extreme situation. And naturally it takes longer to drill such wells if drilling is limited to 8-12 hour days. However, some drilling companies work around the clock and drill 24 hours per day.

On the other hand some wells are so shallow that from the time drilling begins to completion is only a few days.

In fact, I have worked in the oil and gas fields of Wyoming both as a roustabout and field operator. And I have seen wells come on line (begin producing) within one month from the time drilling started. And I have seen numerous deeper, high production wells put into operation within three months.

So, what is the average? There probably is no average because of the variables described above. But, I know for a fact that many high producing wells in Wyoming came on line within just a few months from the time drilling began – not years, and not even one year.

Once a well begins producing, connecting it to a pipeline to send the product to refineries is quite simple, and fast. After all, most such pipelines are above ground.

And when a pipeline cannot be made available for whatever reason, oil tanker trucks transport the product to pipelines. The oil goes from the well to a tank for temporary storage. Then periodically it is transferred to a truck for delivery. This is a process that goes on every day in the oil business.

So, why is there so much misinformation about how long it takes oil wells to begin producing? Because it is to the advantage of progressives to distort the truth in order to advance a socialist agenda.

For, if they can convince enough voters that more drilling will not help make us less dependent upon foreign oil, then they can better justify their ridiculous green programs; programs that only line the pockets of “fat cats” who only care about personal greed. Such programs in no way help solve our energy crisis.

While the Obama administration continues to say they want the U.S. to become energy independent, their actions prove otherwise. A good example is the Keystone Pipeline project. Our northern friend was willing to run a pipeline from Canada to Houston, TX at no cost to taxpayers, yet Obama said no.

Instead, the President throws away tax dollars on green businesses that are sure to fail. The Solyndra solar panel company was just one example. So, in many ways, based upon this administration’s record one could make the case they are more for supporting our Middle East enemies than in helping their own citizens.

The truth is that this nation could eliminate all Middle-East oil purchases within one year if the federal government would open up necessary federal lands and set aside needless regulations.

Once again, all propaganda put aside, it does not take years for oil wells to begin producing once drilling begins – it usually only takes a few months – and at other times it takes just days.

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