During his campaigning, the then Senator Obama repeatedly said that if elected President he would do everything possible to make the U.S. energy independent. But has he? Has he done everything possible to make this nation energy independent?

If you consider what he has done since being in office more than 3-years, you would have to conclude he has done just the opposite. Let’s not forget that while he was talking about energy independence he also said that under his plan the price for power “would necessarily skyrocket.”

Maybe we should have listened more closely to those two statements and realized they were not compatible.

Obama has all but destroyed the American fossil fuel industry. With his self-imposed regulations under the guise of protecting the environment, numerous coal-fired power plants have gone out of business and more are on the way.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), run by the President’s “attack dogs” has made it less costly for companies to shut down coal operations than to retrofit them to meet the agency’s onerous standards. And every time another coal-fired power plant is shut in, the demand for coal is reduced. And less demand for coal equates to both job losses and more expensive energy.

And he is absolutely opposed to drilling for oil. Archeologists claim we have vast amounts of oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which is composed of 19,600,000 acres or 5% of the state. The petroleum industry has requested a mere two-thousand acres or 0.001% for drilling, but this President says no. But why, considering all the environmental safeguards available today?

The Administration’s reasoning (they say) for opposing drilling in the ANWR is that it will upset the fragile native caribou ecosystem. Yet, in other parts of Alaska the caribou get along just fine with both oil rigs and pipelines.

In fact, there is a picture on the internet titled Oil Field Pipeline And Caribou which shows a herd of caribou in perfect harmony with an Alaskan oil pipeline.

If that pipeline is a threat to the caribou’s ecosystem maybe someone should have informed the caribou.

So, it seems the Obama Administration’s reasoning for opposing drilling in the ANWR is a bit lacking in foundation, or maybe I should say truth.

And what about offshore drilling? The President is also opposed to that, unless of course it involves another country. Remember his underwriting of Brazil’s offshore oil exploration to the tune of $2 billion?

Then who can forget the famous April 20, 2010 British Petroleum (BP) oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf). To this Administration, that must have been like a gift straight from God. For, immediately after the disaster occurred the President put a hold on all future Gulf explorations.

And today, although some sanctions have been lifted almost two years later American Gulf explorations are still not back to normal. For economic reasons alone, when the hold was put in place drilling companies were forced to move their operations to other countries or go out of business.

Much of the western states is federal property and controlled by either the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or the U.S Forestry Service (USFS). Just to name three, AK is 95.8% federal owned. CO is 43.3%, WY 55.9%, CA 52.1% and UT 75.2%.

And each of those states, and others, are known to hold considerable oil reserves. So, why aren’t more of those lands opened to oil and gas exploration?

Just think of all the revenue that would be pouring into Washington, let alone the reduction in foreign purchases; money used to fund arms that kill American troops. Maybe we could even balance the budget and pay down the national debt. Wouldn’t that be something?

And lastly is the Keystone Pipeline project, where our northern neighbor Canada agreed to run a pipeline down to Houston at no cost to taxpayers, a pipeline that would deliver 7-million barrels of crude daily to American refineries.

It should be noted that that one project alone would be sufficient to replace the oil we import from Venezuela, the president of which is our enemy, the Communist Hugo Chavez.

So, does President Obama want the U.S. to become energy independent? You be the judge – just think about it the next time you fill up at the pumps.

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