As everyone knows, union leaders are not known for making ground-shaking positive decisions. In fact, any positive decision on their part has always come as a result of necessity, such as being faced with losing everything – the norm has been to take a self-defeating position.

So, it comes as no surprise that the Teamsters Union is unhappy with the real prospect they may have to give a little more to hold onto their jobs at Hostess, maker of the famed Twinkies. Still, their attitude is nothing less than appalling.

Hostess went into Chapter 11 proceedings in 2004 and came out in 2009. Unfortunately, they were forced to re-file for bankruptcy proceedings in January 2012, and now await court approval of their second reorganization in just three years.

But, unless the court modifies Hostess’ request in favor of the unions, the Teamsters say they have voted to strike. Can you imagine anything so unbelievable? Here is a company on the brink of going out of business because its overhead is too high, yet the union is unwilling to make pay concessions (court approved concessions I might add) necessary to keep it going.

With such rationale, is it any wonder this nation lost its leadership in the steel and auto industries? Is there any surprise we went from a manufacturing nation to one of primary service in just a few years?

While the Teamsters would have everyone believe it’s far more important not to work than take further pay cuts, I wonder if the rank and file will be of the same opinion when the company is forced to close its doors because it cannot make ends-meet? Will the Teamsters be sending out checks to cover their mortgage and auto payments?

Unions have always claimed that the biggest obstacle to company profits is management salaries. But the truth is that compensation for salaried personnel is but a drop in the bucket to what’s doled out to union workers.

Another truth is that unions are a stumbling block to a company’s progress. Union labor is less productive than non-union yet receives higher wages and better benefits. In other words, it costs a company more to operate when it has a union workforce than when its workers are non-union.

While unions may have served some legitimate function (although that is not proven) many years ago, they certainly are not necessary today. So, why do we still have unions in this country? There is only one reason, to fill the pockets of fat-cat union leaders and to buy political favors.

It is no secret that unions are among the largest donors to left-leaning politicians. Union leaders buy politicians by making large contributions to their campaigns. And much of the ground canvasing for progressive politicians during political campaigns is conducted by union workers.

That means that if elected or reelected, the politician is beholding to the unions. And that also means that when it comes to voting on labor law, the politician is more likely to take the union position. Unions vote progressive politicians to office and the politicians pay unions back by making pro-union laws. Each keeps the other in power.

Back to the Hostess issue – instead of opposing necessary pay cuts, the Teamsters should concentrate on further ways it can assist in keeping the company afloat. After all, a slightly lower paying job is better than no job.

Or, don’t the Teamsters know that?

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