The Obama administration preached to the nation that the stimulus was necessary to keep the economy going, and that all of the money would go to creating new jobs. So, was the stimulus a good thing for tax-payers?

That seems like a valid question in light of the fact we now know a number of the companies which were recipients of stimulus had serious financial problems prior to the injection. And even after receiving tax-payer funds they nonetheless went bankrupt.

Everybody is aware of the Solyndra story, a solar panel company the Obama administration picked to be one of its poster children – the company given $528 million which soon thereafter filed for bankruptcy after paying out huge bonuses.

Solyndra was on shaky ground from the beginning, given the fact it was attempting to build a business on a product which could not compete in the marketplace due to pricing – its manufacturing costs alone exceeded the retail price of its competitors’ product. Since when has the public been willing to pay double or triple for something they could purchase for less?

You would think one failed solar panel company would be enough for this administration. Not so. Having lost $528 million in Solyndra, they invested another $500 million in SpectraWatt. And just last month it too filed for bankruptcy.

But even two is not bad for this White House – why not go for three out of three? The administration pumped $5.3 million into Evergreen Solar, Inc. And just like the others, it went bankrupt.

Then there was the company that thought it could market systems placed at truck stops which would allow truckers to plug into so their “hazardous” diesel engines could be turned off. That company was Mountain Plaza, Inc.

Mountain Plaza already had a failing record, having filed for bankruptcy in 2003. But that didn’t stop Obama’s people from awarding them $424,000 of stimulus. And yes, it filed for bankruptcy a second time in 2010.

Then there is Olsen’s Crop Service & Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co. The Obama administration gave them $10 million for the purchase of equipment, hiring additional employees, and refinancing its debt. The only problem was that when they received the funds, they had just filed for bankruptcy.

And let’s not forget Enert1, the electric car battery maker that received $118 million stimulus. Well, just two days ago the company’s parent EnerDel filed for bankruptcy.

And since we just finished talking about failed car battery companies, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention GM’s Chevrolet Volt, the small $40,000 car that has serious battery problems. During safety tests, it was determined that soon after a crash the battery pack would cause the auto to erupt in flames. Needless to say, although the Volt was highly acclaimed while still in pre-production stage as being revolutionary, it has since been anything but.

This all sounds like a pattern, doesn’t it – like maybe the Obama administration only invests in failed or likely to fail companies?

The truth is more likely that they are so tuned to finding someone with a green idea that they simply overlook the details, like – is it feasible and will it turn a profit? One thing for sure, successful businesses are run by people who understand how business functions, not by political ideologues.

Did you notice the President still had green on his mind when he gave his latest State of the Union message? That’s right; he wants more tax-funded green projects.

So far, has the stimulus been a good thing for tax-payers? Will more green prove to be better?

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