Anyone following the rhetoric and actions of this White House must conclude Obama does not want to make the U.S. energy independent. In fact, everything this administration does could be interpreted they are more interested in padding the pockets of stakeholders in green energy than in helping their own nation.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the Obama administration has been an enemy of common sense ever since it came to power. Green energy is great because it is renewable – the sun continues to shine and the wind continues to blow. And battery powered autos save gasoline.

But they alone will not suffice. The problem with the Obama administration is that they either do not understand this fact, or they are intentionally trying to destroy the American economy.

First and foremost, green energy is far more expensive than energy derived from fossil fuels. Americans are already paying record prices at the pumps and for heating fuel. And who can forget that the President stated before coming to office that under his plan electric rates would “necessarily skyrocket?”

At least in this one case he is a man of his word. And the reasons are many.

For example, the administration stopped Gulf of Mexico drilling after the Gulf oil spill. That action alone drove numerous rigs overseas and put thousands out of work. And even though there has been some relaxation of the policy, Gulf production remains depressed while foreign nations continue to drill only a few miles off our shores.

Geologists have determined that enough petroleum lies under Alaska’s Anwar to greatly reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Out of those millions of acres, conservatives have been requesting a mere 2,000 acres for drilling. But the Obama administration has consistently rejected such request.

One reason they give is that a pipeline in the area would pose a threat to the caribou. Yet in other parts of Alaska pipelines and the caribou co-exist with absolutely no problem for either. So, the administration’s reasoning rings hollow to say the least.

But in spite of opposition, some states have still been able to make drilling for oil and gas a winning proposition. For instance, North Dakota has recently been successful in bringing in a lot of new wells through a process called “fracking.” But now the EPA is considering ruling against that procedure. And if they do, oil production in this nation will begin to decrease and more people will be out of work.

By the way, North Dakota’s present unemployment is only 3.5%. But if the EPA gets its wish, that number will soon look more like the national.

Since the Obama administration is anti-fossil fuels and pro-green, it has recklessly pumped billions of tax-payer dollars into green energy. One such ill-fated investment was Solyndra, a company that supposedly had a better way to build solar panels.

The only problem was that those new panels cost so much more than conventional panels to produce that the manufacturer ended up with virtually no market. Obama gave them $528 million of our money and the company filed for bankruptcy shortly after granting large employee bonuses.

Another green project to bite the dust was the Volt Chevrolet. GM (Government Motors) put a lot of tax-payer eggs into its one basket and it didn’t work. Billed as revolutionizing the auto industry, the Volt is a small car that sells in the $40,000 range.

That is a lot of dollars to pay for a car that is plagued with its battery pack causing fires. Plus, for that kind of money one can purchase a highly efficient hybrid and have considerable funds left over for gasoline. And let’s not forget that that ill-fated car was built with tax-payer funds.

And last but not least is the Keystone Pipeline project that if approved would deliver much needed petroleum from Canada to Houston refineries. But after a three-year environmental impact study, you guessed it – Obama rejected it, saying more review time was needed. For anyone who believes that lame excuse, I have some seashore property in Arizona that I can make you a good deal on.

For whatever it is worth, early on during the Keystone review, Canada said it had a commitment from China to take the product should the U.S. turn it down. That been said, Obama’s decision is still puzzling to the Toronto government given the neighboring nations would both greatly benefit from the project.

So, when all the above facts are given due consideration, there can be but one conclusion – Obama does not want the U.S. to become energy independent. The only question is why?

Does he favor Middle East oil nations over his own country? Does he want to wreck the American economy to make it easier for a Marxist takeover? Does he wish to reward those who heavily invested in green energy? Or does he truly wish to preserve the environment?

Or is he motivated by a combination of all the above? You be the judge!

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