Former Governor Mitt Romney is seeking the GOP presidential nomination. But can he even identify with the average American wage earner? To answer that question, let’s consider some facts.

Mitt Romney was born rich. His father George Romney, once headed American Motors, the now defunct auto manufacturer, and later became governor of Michigan. So, Mitt Romney grew up in a family of considerable wealth and political influence, attended the best schools money could buy, and lived a life of privilege few others can even imagine.

Mitt Romney would later go on to accumulate considerable wealth in his own rite, once heading a capital investment company called Bain Capital, LLC, from which it is believed he is still receiving income. He also served one term as governor of Massachusetts, and once was CEO of the American Olympics.

And yesterday, giving in to pressure from other GOP presidential contenders and the public, Romney released his 2010 federal income tax statement and an estimate of his 2011 federal taxes. His average annual income between those two years came to a staggering $20.3 million. That is 455 times what the average American middle-income wage earner makes. When the average low-income wage earner is figured in, the ratio becomes even more unbelievable.

In addition, it is reported the former governor presently owns three places of residence with an estimated total value in excess of $30 million. A web search revealed he has applied for permission to bulldoze a 3,000 square foot home in California he purchased for $12 million to be replaced with an 11,000 square foot structure.

A web search also revealed Romney, along with his siblings, owns at least one residential property in Canada.

In contrast, Mitt Romney’s biggest rival for the GOP nomination is former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Ginrich, who was not born into wealth. In fact, Ginrich comes from a family of modest means, his father having been a career Army officer. And although he is well educated, having earned bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees, none were from elite schools.

The year before entering Congress in 1979, Newt Ginrich reported income of $10,166 as a college professor, which probably put him in the low-income category. However, his income would soon become much greater, apparently primarily from book royalties. To date, it is reported he has authored or co-authored no less than 23 titles, many being best-sellers.

So, when the two men are compared, although both are presently rich by any standard, the contrast is quite revealing. And what seems most important is which one can best identify with those Americans who are struggling just to make ends meet, let alone get ahead?

Romney has been very successful in business and made a lot of money. We applaud his success. But, where did he get the seed money to start those successful companies? Let’s not forget he was born rich.

So, can Romney identify with a family having to save for years to get enough money for down payment on a home?

Can Romney identify with having to set aside 25-35% of take-home pay for 15 to 30 years to pay off a home mortgage?

Can Romney identify with having to make car or truck payments?

Can Romney identify with having to cut out coupons and shop in discount as opposed to upscale stores?

Can Romney identify with having to reduce driving because of the high price of gasoline?

Can Romney identify with a family having to save all year, and sometimes longer, in order to take a simple vacation, while he owns $ multi-million vacation property and is able to travel to and from the world’s most expensive resort facilities via private jet?

Can Romney identify with a family having to send their children to a government controlled public school where Christianity, prayer, and the Bible are banned and homosexuality is championed, simply because they cannot afford to send them to a private Christian institution where parents have control over the curriculum, yet he can afford to send his children to the best school available?

Can Romney identify with a family having to send their children to a community college because they cannot afford a regular college, yet he attended Harvard and is able to send his children to Harvard or any other expensive school of choice?

Can Romney identify with a family that has to struggle to keep their house and yard in order while he has full-time maids and ground-keepers for at least three properties?

Can Romney identify with a family whose night of dining out means going to Hardees with coupons while he and his family can dine in restaurants where no meal on the menu is less than $50?

I consider all of these questions valid because they address the single most important question facing GOP voters today – can Mitt Romney identify with the average wage earner?

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