There has been a drastic change at Fox News. Once balanced in its reporting of the news, Fox is now unfair, unbalanced, and afraid.

Anyone following the reporting of the GOP presidential debates and associated news must conclude Fox News has indeed joined the ranks of the mean-stream media. Maybe it has to do with the fact that GBTV has been pulling viewers from Fox since Glen Beck left and formed his own network.

Or is it because of something else, something far more serious?

But, whatever the reason, it’s as obvious as the nose on one’s face that Fox has changed – and not in a small way. I was once a big Fox fan because it was the one place I could get the news without far-left bias. But now there is little if any difference between Fox and previously known leftist elites networks.

And this radical change at Fox has to have been a top-down decision. I say that because in the last few days I have witnessed extreme bias, not from just one newscaster, but from many. And they include none other than Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelley, Britt Hume, Shepherd Smith, Juan Williams, and Neil Caputo. In every case the victim was former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Ginrich.

And at times it was embarrassingly obvious the newscasters were pushing an agenda about which they felt uncomfortable. Following are examples:

First — During the first 2011 South Carolina debate, racist Juan Williams began his questioning of the candidates by attempting to race-bait Newt Ginrich. It seems Juan had been offended by Newt’s earlier statement that Obama was the food stamp President since the President had added a record number to the food stamp rolls. Seems like a valid statement to me.

But of course, as Juan should have suspected, the former Speaker cleverly avoided the bait and made Juan look as low as he had stooped. And then like putting frosting on the perfect cake, the audience gave Newt a standing ovation, the first in any of the debates.

Now, you may think it’s unfair that I called Juan Williams a racist. But just think about it, Juan evaluates every single statement made by a conservative as to whether there is a possibility – that’s right, just a possibility – it could have been racially motivated. And if he believes it is possible the statement could have been racially motivated – never mind the absence of proof – then he automatically deems it to have been a racist statement.

That was the standard by which Juan Williams judged Newt Ginrich, although Juan had no basis for such claim. Since when is a factual statement racial? Absolutely never, unless of course you think the way Juan Williams thinks.

Therefore, in my opinion anyone who views others with which he disagrees through a racial prism – is a racist. And I stand by that statement.

Just for the record, Juan Williams did not just now become racist – he was a racist when he was employed by National Public Radio (NPR). It is just that other members of the media have always given him a free ride.

Second – Just three days prior to the second 2011 South Carolina GOP primary election, Brian Ross of ABC News interviewed Marianne Ginrich, Newt Ginrich’s second wife. And in that interview, Marianne claimed that before their divorce, Newt had asked her for an open marriage.

And, ABC News, being the honest and fair news organization it claims to be, without any corroboration and complete denial by Newt Ginrich, decided to air the interview two days before the primary election. Would they have been willing to air uncorroborated claims that Newt was a child molester or drug dealer? One has to wonder.

Then, the first question asked in the second South Carolina GOP debate by moderator John King of CNN News was directed to, you guessed it, Newt Ginrich. And the question was if he would like to comment on the claim made by his former wife. Newt’s answer was, “No, but I will.”

Having just three days prior set a record by receiving the only standing ovation during any of the debates; that record was then broken when the audience gave Newt a second standing ovation. It was like the audience instinctively knew Newt would knock John King’s curve ball out of the park. And that he did.

While King cowardly attempted to place all responsibility on ABC News, Newt Ginrich would have none of it and blasted King and the elite media. And yes, the audience gave Newt yet another standing ovation. So effective was Newt Ginrich in taking down both King and the leftist media that Fox’s Greta Van Susteren would later comment that Newt didn’t even leave her former colleague with any skin.

Third – In the midst of all the negative bias against Newt Ginrich, Chris Wallace interviews a gentleman associated with a Ginrich Superpac. Of course, in the interview there were charges and denials about which the viewers could neither verify nor deny.

However, even though former Governor Mitt Romney has repeatedly said he left Bain Capital in 1999, the gentleman being interviewed had SEC documents proving he had remained at Bain until 2001.

This is important since one of the Bain companies that filed for bankruptcy did so between those two dates. And if the SEC documents which were filed by Romney are correct, then Romney was still with Bain during that period, which he denies.

Assuming the SEC documents are authentic, and no one from the Romney camp has suggested otherwise, then Mitt Romney has some explaining to do. Either he left Bain Capital in 1999 as he continues to say or he is lying. Just what is he trying to hide?

Watching the TV interview was surreal. The interviewee had SEC documents to prove Mitt Romney did not leave Bain Capital until 2001, but Chris Wallace dismissed them by continuing to say Romney has said he left in 1999. In fact, Wallace became visibly angry when the interviewee refused to reverse his position.

Fourth – Then yesterday on his daily show, Fox’s Neal Cavuto defended both ABC News and John King, saying that airing the uncorroborated comments two days before the South Carolina primary election and John King’s question directed to Newt Ginrich in response to those comments were fair.

Do you suppose Cavuto’s opinion would have been the same had uncorroborated sexual claims, which he had vehemently denied, had been aired about him just two days prior to his contract renegotiation with Fox?

Something has happened at Fox – and it is not good. They quickly went from being the only premier news network to just another member of the media engaged in sleaze journalism.

Check my next post where I will be examining this issue from an entirely different angle.

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