Considering ABC News interviewed a hostile ex-wife of Newt Ginrich three days before the South Carolina presidential primary and saying it will air the interview before the election, proves the news organization is in the tank for Obama.

And it further proves ethics and fair treatment are not in ABCs repertoire.

Of course ABC News, as is every other mean-stream media outlet, fully aware that the former Speaker of the House of Representatives is the GOP’s best shot at defeating President Obama in November. Therefore, assisting former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney win the GOP nomination will all but insure Obama wins reelection for another four years.

There are never winners in a divorce, only losers. That being said, it seems best to leave bygones bygone. And no matter what the interview reveals, any reasonable person will understand there are usually two sides to every domestic breakup.

So, why would ABC go out of its way to air one-sided, unconfirmed accusations against a public figure at such a crucial time? One reason, and one reason only – just like the Democrat Party and all progressives, they are afraid of Newt Ginrich. They are afraid of what he will do if he becomes President.

Newt Ginrich is the most conservative in the race for the GOP nomination. He is also the one best equipped to debate Obama – that is, if Obama agrees to debates. No other contender has the intellect, experience, and street-know-how sufficient to take on the President.

While such conduct on the part of any news organization can only be deemed as smear journalism, it’s especially disturbing given the fact that the most recent polls show Ginrich would win South Carolina’s primary if the election were held today. Is there any wonder that most journalists are viewed with the same contempt as politicians?

Newt Ginrich won the most recent GOP Presidential Debate, hands down. And he did it by displaying the uncanny ability to respond to questions that both disarms the questioner and gains favor with the audience. Upon responding to a race-baiting question from Fox News Contributor Juan Williams, the former Speaker received a standing ovation.

Juan Williams was simply out-classed, and afterwards looked like a scolded puppy running off with his tail between his legs.

Additionally, Newt Ginrich has shown throughout each of the debates that he has a command of the issues unparalleled by opponents and questioners. So, it is understandable that he has now reached the top of the polls. But just two days left before the primary, it all rests on how well he performs tonight – or just how many curves balls will be thrown his way by CNN.

For conservatives, the upcoming general election may well be the most important during our lifetime. For, whoever is president come next January will be our nation’s standard bearer for the next four years.

If the new president is someone with the courage to guide this nation back in the right direction, then God may give us another chance for survival. But if Obama retains control, I believe we are destined to become a true socialist or Marxist state, or worse yet, part of a caliphate.

But none of this seems to deter the mean-stream media, including ABC. With their heads in the sand, they will do anything to maintain the status quo.

I wonder, however, if they have ever considered what their fate will be if Obama gets his wish of totally transforming this nation? Has anyone ever heard of a free Islamist or Marxist press?

P.S.: By the way, the latest word is that ABC will air the interview during the same time as tonight’s GOP debate. Does that sound like a coincidence?

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