When you consider all the facts, it is my guess the Christian elites had to hold their noses when they voted to back former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for the Republican presidential nomination.

It’s understandable that, unlike the progressive Republican establishment, conservatives do not believe former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the best choice to challenge President Obama in November. And the reasons are quite simple.

Romney is liberal – he is not conservative. And there is also that little thing called “socialized medicine” which all working Americans hate. After all, who can forget that while governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed into law a plan now dubbed “RomneyCare” that some say was the blueprint for “ObamaCare?”

The truth is that Romney is a tax-and-spend liberal not unlike most Democrats. It’s no wonder he fit in so well with a Democrat controlled legislature.

What is puzzling however, is that if the so-called evangelical conservatives do not wish to support a liberal, why then did they select Santorum who is a liberal? Santorum is from the liberal state of Pennsylvania, and had to be liberal in order to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and twice win election to the U.S. Senate. But, he just wasn’t quite liberal enough and lost his bid for the Senate when he ran a third time.

But maybe the real question is why did they select liberal Santorum when they could have chosen a true conservative, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Ginrich? What is it about Santorum that makes anyone believe he would be a stronger opponent of Obama than Ginrich? I know of no one who believes that is true.

The difference between Santorum and Ginrich is like comparing night to day. While Santorum is a politician clear down to his bone marrow, always choosing his words in order to be politically correct (have you been watching the debates), Ginrich boldly speaks his mind, letting the chips fall where they may. And if he offends someone by simply telling the truth, that’s just the way it is.

From my viewpoint, that is refreshing. And isn’t that what the Tea Party movement was supposed to be all about – being honest?

Santorum represents the status quo – keeping things just the way they have been for the past fifty years or longer, regardless of the political party in charge – big government, big spending, earmarks, anti-work laws, preferential tax treatment, and weak on foreign affairs. Sounds just like another progressive Democrat, wouldn’t you say?

The bottom line is that Santorum has no record to run on. Besides being a liberal, how does he expect to be elected president if he could not carry his own state during his futile attempt to win reelection to the Senate?

Ginrich on the other hand is different – he believes in those things which made this nation great. In reality, he is not a politician. While Speaker, he presided over four years of balanced budgets, welfare reform, and lowering of taxes. And he is opposed to earmarks. He is also in favor of eliminating any federal court that consistently makes laws and renders decisions in opposition to the Constitution. As important as it is, he is the only candidate with the courage to even address the issue.

But equally important is Ginrich’s position on the Middle East. He is a staunch supporter of Israel and the only public figure I know of who was willing to openly say the Arabs have no legitimate claim to any Palestine lands. That of course drew condemnation from the Arab world, which in my opinion is a plus.

And to my knowledge, Newt Ginrich never lost an election. It was of his own volition that he left the House of Representatives, not because he was ousted or voted out.

In its final analysis, this whole primary process is a testament to the reality that negative ads, while supposedly disliked by most, are none the less effective. Newt Ginrich was leading all other Republican presidential contenders a month before the Iowa caucuses. But after Romney’s and Rep. Ron Paul’s barrage of negative ads day in and day out, he dropped. And when the votes were tallied, he ended up a dismal 4th place behind Romney, Santorum, and Paul.

However, if the Republican voters will just consider where each contender stands on the many issues, they will realize Newt Ginrich is the best and only chance we have to defeat Obama in November. Let’s just hope they can become sufficiently educated before the South Carolina primary next Saturday.

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