A lot of people will be watching the football game today between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. And if the polls are correct, the Patriots are favored to win.

But, regardless of the game’s final score, one player is already a winner. And that player is Tim Tebow.

Sports and entertainment figures have always been role models, good or bad. And I guess it will always be that way. And certainly our young people today have no shortage of stars to choose from.

But most of those stars fall short. Most do not represent the integrity and honor our youth should aspire to. For most it’s all about boos, drugs, foul language, and even worse. Some even attempt to put their “bad guy or bad gal” image on a pedestal. And unfortunately they are accepted as such.

That is why Tim Tebow is so important – he is different. He sets an example any parent should be glad his or her child emulates.

Tim Tebow also sets an example for those of us who are Christian adults. For one thing, he never lets anything come between his Savior Jesus Christ and himself. He puts God first in his life. And when he is successful, he gives God all the credit. That is something we all should aspire to.

But, the thing I find most intriguing about Denver’s star quarterback, apart from his obvious character, is that he was home schooled. Public schools are now controlled by the Government, and the Bible and Christianity are banned from the classroom.

Therefore, I find it refreshing to know we still have parents who are unwilling to give in to the status quo – parents who have decided to do what the Government no longer allows public schools to do.

So, as those of us who enjoy football watch today’s game, let’s not let the events of the day overshadow something far more important than which team comes out the victor. The most important thing for us to remember is that one of the players in that game is today’s best role model. And that role model is Tim Tebow.

May the best team win. And may Jesus Christ be glorified in the process.

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