If you have been tuned into the news over the past few months, you are fully aware that Republican elites hate Newt Ginrich.

But why, why do they hate him? The reason is pretty simple – Newt Ginrich is a true conservative, not a pseudo conservative like Mitt Romney. Actually, Romney is a liberal Republican who would fit very well in the Democrat Party where liberalism is championed.

The reality is that the Republican establishment (the elites) is not unlike the Democrat establishment. They both stand for Keynesian economics, big government, massive government funded social and entitlement programs, and the belief that a government can spend itself out of debt. The truth is that there is not a nickel difference between the two.

When you compare Ginrich with Romney it is like comparing day to night. Ginrich stands for those things which made this country great. Romney stands for the exact opposite.

Ginrich believes in limited government, low taxes, and balanced budgets. And his record in the House of Representatives as Speaker proves it. On the other, as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney presided over tax increases and one of the most intrusive socialist programs ever, the so-called RomneyCare, which by the way is a kissing-cousin to ObamaCare.

If Romney wins the Republican presidential nomination, he is assured to lose the general election to Obama. For, they are so much alike, why should the voters switch?

Romney is running on his record of having been CEO of Bain Capital, an investment company that made its money by taking over other companies and attempting to raise them to another level through the infusion of additional funds. And as one might expect, some of those companies succeeded where others failed.

For those that succeeded in expansion and creation of additional jobs – hats off. But for those that failed, it’s nothing less than a commentary on poor planning – not to mention the jobs lost.

From personal experience, I know that taking a company to another level is not always the best approach to success. My wife and I built a business from scratch that quickly turned a good profit. So, what did we do – we decided to expand.

With our success, we easily obtained the necessary loan. But as it turned out, the expansion was a failure. Not only did it fail to work, we actually lost money. And the reason is that the new venture did not fit into the core expertise we had previously obtained. No matter how hard we tried, we just could not make it work.

After 7-1/2 years in business, we sold for a profit. But the profit would have been greater had we simply concentrated on improving what had already worked well for us, instead of venturing into uncharted waters.

And guess what, the same principal applies to venture capital enterprises such as Bain Capital. Attempting to take a company to another level is not always wise, and at times can be cause for failure – and job losses.

But what I like the most about Newt Ginrich is his stand on the Middle East. He is a stanch supporter of Israel. And he does not believe in the so-called two-state solution to the conflict. In-fact, he goes so far as to say the Arabs have no legal claim to Palestine lands.

That position brings out condemnation from both Democrats and Arabs. And for me, that is enough to get my vote.

Republican elites hate Newt Ginrich because he is a true conservative.

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