Based upon news reports, one could logically conclude that liberal judges are in-fact intent on destroying our constitution.

For, hardly a day goes by that the media does not make mention of some left-leaning or Marxist judge who believes the Constitution is just another malleable document, and that it is his duty to shape it to fit a society where anything but Judeo-Christian is now vogue.

What these judges all have in common is the rejection that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values taken directly from the Bible. In fact, it is obvious they hold such fact in contempt.

So, is it any wonder judges have routinely supported Islam in opposition to Christianity? Just two days ago a federal appeals court ruled in favor of an injunction against an Oklahoma 70% voter-approved ban against Sharia law. In a statement, the court justified its ruling on grounds that individual rights take precedent over public interest.

But did the court take into consideration individual Christian rights? Absolutely not!

You see, since these judges view Islam as just another freedom-loving religion, and Sharia law as just a part of that religion, and since spelled out in our Constitution (the constitution they want to destroy) is the right to freedom of religion, they see no conflict.

But how is that courts have consistently made this grave mistake? The reason can only be political correctness, not wanting to anger a minority that by no means has the interest of this nation.

Instead of examining Islam to see what it truly stands for and comparing it with the highest law of the land, they simply give in, realizing that unlike Muslims, Christians for the most are not likely to put up much of a fuss. So it goes on and on – liberal judges replacing constitutionally founded American laws with Islamic Sharia law.

And if you do not believe Sharia law is coming to your neighborhood, think again.

That may well have been the belief of Christians in Tennessee not long ago when they challenged in court the construction of a Mosque on grounds that Islam is not a religion. You guessed it, a judge ruled otherwise. Just like others before and after, he stuck his head in the sand and ignored reality.

As stated at the beginning of this post, any reasonable person must conclude that liberal judges are intent on destroying our constitution.

After all, who can forget that just prior to the last presidential inauguration Obama promised to transform this nation?

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