Acreditdation for colleges and universities is grossly misunderstood. Some believe a school of higher learning is only accredited if it is through the U.S. government, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The U.S. government does accredit certain colleges and universities. But such acreditdation comes with a price. In fact, all such schools must participate in federal financial aid programs through the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) to include federal student loans and Pell Grants.

While a federal financial aid program may sound great, it must be understood that in order for a school to be recipient of such federal funds, that school must adhere to federal guidelines. For starters, the school cannot discriminate in its hiring practices.

And it cannot discriminate simply because it does not approve of one’s attitude toward God. Should a Christian school be required to hire someone who is either Atheist or does not believe in the Christian God? If the school takes federal funds, it has no choice in the matter.

Plus, all colleges and universities that participate in federal financial assistance programs must assign staff personnel to administer such programs. That means insuring a correct ratio between the number of grants and the number of students designated as poor. That also means they are subject to federal audit. And yes, that also means the school must pry into the financial status of students.

And on top of that, such schools cannot discriminate against homosexuals; which means a Christian school cannot even bar homosexuals from employment. Worse yet, they cannot teach against homosexuality – they cannot teach that homosexuality is a life-style. Instead, they must say homosexuality is genetically based. Isn’t it strange no scientist has ever been able to find that elusive gene?

Christians know the government’s position is anti-biblical. But that truth becomes overridden the moment a school takes federal funds. Anyone questioning this fact need only look to our public schools where no longer the Bible or prayer is allowed – yet homosexuality is not only condoned but championed.

Homosexuality is a well-planned indoctrination process that begins in kindergarten. The result is that our kids are growing up believing a lie.

So, government accreditation being what it is, Christian schools must avoid it if they wish to maintain their independence. For, once a school gives in to that temptation for easy tax dollars, they are forever under the thumb of “Big Uncle Sam.”

But there is accreditation other than government. In fact, there are fine Christian schools all over the world that do not participate in government financial programs. One such school is Northwestern Theological Seminary, an online school located in Port Richey, FL. And of course there are many other worthwhile Christian schools, both of brick and mortar and online types.

I have three degrees that were earned through government accredited schools, a BS, an MA, and an MBA. And last June I completed work for a PhD that was online through a non-government accredited institution. The standards were high and required a lot of work. By the way, even though the school is not U.S. government accredited, it is accredited.

So, simply because a school lacks USDE accreditation, its programs can be either equal to or better than those that are USDE accredited. I am so convinced of this fact that had I known then what I know today, I would have chosen non USDE accredited schools for all of my higher education.

And any Christian who believes accepting money from the government will not affect a school’s future should understand that Harvard was founded as America’s first Christian college. And today it is anything but Christian.

And just north of us in Ontario, it was announced in July 2011 that all public-funded schools, whether public or Catholic, must provide gay clubs if asked for by students.

Note the words “public funded.” Catholics chose to accept federal funds and are now paying a price. But that policy has been in effect in our public schools for some time.

So, the bottom line is that when someone suggests a college or university is not accredited simply because it is not USDE accredited, it means they simply do not understand the facts. In my opinion, the better schools will not be USDE accredited.

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