Have you been wondering why Newt Ginrich is under such attack by big-name Republicans?

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that it all has to do with progressivism. That’s right, not all progressives belong to the Democrat party. In fact, many progressives call themselves Republican. It’s kind of like having to choose between brands of castor oil – it’s still castor oil.

So it is with progressives. While there may be slight differences between their ideologies, deep down they all believe in the same thing – big government and socialism. They have this ingrained belief that government can solve all of man’s problems if only man will get out of the way.

So, when a true conservative like Newt Ginrich comes along who has the nerve to set the record straight, to say it like it is – by the way, he is a historian – the progressives go nuts because they cannot stand straight-talk.

Ginrich is by far the most conservative of all present contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. In fact, he is the most conservative since Ronald Reagan. While all of his opponents work hard to be politically correct, Ginrich simply tells the truth. And while his opponents for the most part nibble around the edges on issues, he offers real solutions.

Any true conservative who may have watched the Newt Ginrich interview on Fox and Friends this morning would have quickly realized that, politically speaking this man is in a league all by himself. We are faced today with three major problems: the economy, jobs, and foreign affairs. And Ginrich has concrete answers for all three. And no one else does.

When it comes to the Middle East, he is the only one who understands the difference between symptom and problem. Ginrich understands the real problem is Iran, and he has made it clear that he would not be shy about using all necessary means to eradicate Iran’s influence. And, he has said the United States must never allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

Plus, he is the only candidate in either party with the courage to openly state that all of the so-called Palestine lands belong to Israel; that the Arabs have no legal claim to any part of it. That of course, brought condemnation from the Muslim world, which in and of itself means he must be right. In other words, Newt Ginrich is staunchly pro-Israel.

And when it comes to the economy, apart from Ginrich no one in the news today has articulated plans that suggest they have any idea how to improve things. On the other hand the former Speaker understands what will both bring the economy around plus create jobs.

Newt Ginrich is a big thinker. Therefore, he has big plans for America. Among those plans is the cutting of corporate taxes to 12.5%, elimination of capital gain taxes altogether, and doing away with the death or inheritance tax. Plus, he favors an alternate personal flat tax of 15%.

In addition, he favors a 100% first-year depreciation allowance for business purchases of equipment and machinery. Just imagine all the hidden money that all-of-a-sudden begins to flow into investments. And when investments increase, the economy grows. And when the economy grows, the job market also grows.

Oh, I almost forgot, Ginrich also favors opening off-shore waters to drilling and making this nation energy independent. He would push for natural gas production, and yes, he is also in favor of the Keystone Pipeline project.

Success for this nation calls for a pretty simple formula, but Newt Ginrich is the only one who understands it and knows how to put it into effect. And that is why progressive Republicans have him under constant attack.

Progressives are attacking him because they fear him. And they fear him because they realize that if he wins the nomination he stands a great chance of becoming president. And if he becomes president, he will begin to return this nation to its greatness.

And progressives, even those calling themselves Republicans shudder at that very thought.

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