If you have been watching the evening news lately or reading a news magazine, you cannot have missed the Wall Street protests, which have now spread to a number of other large cities. The big question is, is Obama behind these protests?

While I am sure the Obama Administration would deny having part in any of the protests, nor having influenced any of the protesters, upon close examination one might come to different conclusion.

What is undeniably fact is that more people are presently unemployed than at any time in recent history. And circumstances do not appear to be getting better. In fact, many people believe things will get worse before they begin to improve.

So, let’s take a look at what the protests seem to be all about. As reported by the WorldNetDaily, the protests in New York City have been by radicals with a diverse agenda. But two key elements have been a push for what is termed a Robin Hood Tax on large financial institutions and rewriting of the Constitution.

If you listen to the protesters carefully and look at their signs, you will learn that for some it’s “People Not Profits,” “Fight market dictatorship,” and other slogans directed at large corporations and the rich. It all adds up to redistribution of wealth. And while the President claims he has not been engaged in class warfare, both his rhetoric and actions tell a different story.

Obama has made more speeches than any president in history. And almost without exception they have all had the ring of campaigning. And anyone listening to his words will have come away convinced that he hates the rich (except certain people, of course) and big successful corporations.

And he continues to talk about those who earn more should pay their fair share. But he never says what that fair share is – just that if they are successful they should pay more in taxes. Nor does he ever address by what means those who are successful became successful.

In fact, when Obama met and spoke with “Joe the Plumber” in Ohio during a pre-election campaign stop, he completely ignored the relevance of Joe’s 12-14 hour work days in order to remain successful. His only concern was that those who are successful should be willing to give more of their success to those who are not successful.

Now, no matter how the President and his cadre choose to spin it, that is at best Socialism. At worst, it’s Marxism, a system by design where government destroys free will and initiative and drags all but a select few down to the lowest common economic denominator.

Yet, while continually talking about more people realizing the American Dream – more and more people have been losing the American Dream. On his watch, there have been more home foreclosures than any time prior, and hardly no one can remember when unemployment has been this high for this long. And my guess is that the true unemployment rate is much higher than that reported.

Now back to the demonstrations. Whether the President has had any influence on the recent demonstrations may never be known. However, it’s been reported that labor unions have been involved – and the whole world knows Obama has a close relationship with unions. And let’s not forget that one of his former jobs was that of community organizer.

Plus, early on this Administration championed the protests in the Middle East, without giving consideration to what they might lead to. Yet, even though the “Arab Spring” is still flowing, early indicators suggest the outcome will not be an improvement. It’s kind of like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, hoping things will be better but suddenly realizing they are far worse.

Obama won the White House on primarily one issue – change. And change is what the demonstrators are looking for. So, let’s hope that if they get change, it will not be more of the Obama type, for just how much more can this nation stand?

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