If there is one thing hard-core Democrat ideologues are good at it is repeating talking points with the seriousness of an actor auditioning for his very first big role. Imagine for a moment a group of people without a single idea among the lot, simply waiting for the master to put words in their mouths. And in the latest onslaught; the Democrats blame the credit downgrade on the Tea Party.

Every few days the left comes out with another false actuation or denunciation of the truth. And what I find absolutely amazing is that some among their army of puppets otherwise seem like intelligent people. Yet they allow themselves to be hoodwinked into not only condoning but becoming complicit in the spreading of lies.

Starting in the White House, because that is where the true leadership of the left lies, was the claim that it was the Tea Party that caused Standard and Poor’s (S&P) to downgrade the nation’s credit rating. Some, even the Vice President, likened the Tea Party to terrorists.

Isn’t it ironic that this Administration chooses to label law-abiding concerned citizens as terrorists but refuse to call Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan a terrorist even though he murdered in the name of Allah 13 or 14 people, depending upon whether you consider an unborn a person?

So, is it legitimate to blame the credit downgrade on the tea party, or was there another cause?

To answer that question we must examine some of the facts. And to do that, we must go back to the beginning of the Tea Party movement. It all began when here-to-fore silent but fed-up citizens finally decided to make their voices heard, reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party. And while the movement expressed many things about which they were greatly concerned, the paramount issues were the runaway spending and ever-growing national debt.

During the last general election these once silent patriots changed the outcome, electing to the House of Representatives some 87 freshmen who shared their values, that of reduced spending and reduction of the debt.

And since being installed, these 87, sometimes referred to as Tea Partiers, have had immense influence in moving the House to the right. Their numbers are too small to get anything done on their own, but being 36% of the majority gives them considerable clout.

And it was that clout which played a major role when the Democrats and Republicans recently attempted to work out a compromise regarding the national debt ceiling. It must be remembered that over the past several months the President had been calling for a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling. And by clean he meant no conditions should be tied to the raising, such as reduced spending or debt reduction. In other words, he called for a blank check so he could continue to spend money we don’t have as though there is no tomorrow.

Clearly, massive spending has been one of the tools in his “redistribution of wealth” toolbox.

We must also remember the S&P had been warning for some time that unless negotiations resulted in a formula such that would bring the debt down by at least $4 trillion over the next decade that a downgrade was likely. And guess what, while the negotiations did result in some debt reduction, it fell well short of the S&P target. And the rest is history.

Another factor that must be considered is that prior to the debt ceiling negotiations the House passed a bill termed “Cut, Cap and Balance.” That bill called for cutting the debt $4 trillion, putting a cap on future expenditures, and achieving a balanced budget over the next decade. In other words, it was consistent with requirements set by S&P for the U.S. to maintain its AAA credit rating. But, the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to vote on the bill or even bring it to the floor for debate. Further, the President threatened a veto if it did pass the Senate.

The truth is that neither the White House nor the Democrats in Congress have been willing to consider anything that would reduce spending or lower the debt. What they seek is increased taxation so they can continue their out-of-control spending.

So, who are the real economic terrorists, those who want to put sanity back into the government or those in power whose socialistic policies are pushing this nation ever closer to bankruptcy? Could this be what the President meant when he was campaigning for “transforming America?”

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