If you have been watching national news on TV or the internet, or just reading the local newspaper, you are fully aware that a political war is going on in Washington regarding deficit spending. The Republicans, especially those in the House of Representatives (House), have made it clear they want spending brought under control. But does Obama want to rein in deficit spending?

On more than one occasion, the President has said he favors lowering government spending to that of revenue. In other words, what he has described is a balanced budget – spending no more than is brought in.

But as we all know, for some people rhetoric and action are miles apart and the twain shall never meet. That is how it’s been with the President since he’s been in the White House; he says one thing yet he manages to do another.

In July, just before the debt ceiling debate really heated up, the House led by Speaker Boehner passed a bill that was tagged, “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” That bill called for a cap on spending and cutting the deficit by $4 trillion over the next ten years. In addition, it called for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

By the way, Standard and Poors (S&P) had previously let it be known that unless plans were put in place to lower the debt by at least $4 trillion over the next decade, they would likely downgrade the nation’s credit rating.

But before the bill came up for a vote in the House, the President made it abundantly clear that even if it passed both the House and Senate he would veto it. So, does Obama want to rein in deficit spending? You be the judge.

However, because of the President’s threat, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid never brought the bill up for discussion. Instead, by a vote of 51-46 it was tabled. After which, Reid remarked that it was an important vote and that the Republican’s Cut, Cap and Balance was over.

Then during the debt ceiling discussion between the White House and Congress, the President tried to strong-arm Boehner into agreeing to billions of dollars in more taxes. Why would someone engaged in debt reduction discussions all-of-a-sudden push for additional taxes – unless he simply does not want to rein in spending? After all, more taxes equal more spending.

Needless to say Boehner did not give in to the President’s wishes and the extra taxes were dropped from the discussion, at which time it is reported the President stormed out of the room. Finally a compromise was reached, although it fell way short of the $4 trillion Republican goal, as well as the goal of S&P. And of course, we all know what S&P did after that.

But can you guess who was blamed for the less than $4 trillion debt reduction, plus the credit downgrade? You got it; the President blamed the Republicans. If there is one thing the President is good at, it is blaming someone else. The bottom line is that he wanted more taxes so he could spend more, and became upset when he didn’t get it.

But the question being asked by some today is whether Obama will double the debt before leaving office? Should he win reelection, all bets are off.

Now the President has another goal. He just sent Congress a request for an additional $447 billion in stimulus. Of course, he calls it an investment in jobs, just like the $787 billion was an investment in jobs. Has anyone forgotten that unemployment is higher today than before that $787 billion was spent?

And just where does the President propose the $447 billion come from? That’s right – more taxes.

Last evening during his GBTV debut, Glenn Beck finally said what I suspect he has wanted to say for a long time – he called Obama a Marxist. But is Obama really a Marxist or just someone who has zero understanding of economic issues and surrounds himself with like-minded people? That is for you to decide.

But one thing is for certain, our President spends money like there is no tomorrow. And even though he is yet to complete a single term in office, the national debt has grown larger during his tenure than under any previous President. That certainly is not a record one should be proud of.

So, all things considered, it would be easy for someone to conclude that Obama does not want to rein in deficit spending. Could it be instead that he wants to continue with the spending until the economy collapses? Glen Beck seems to think so. If so, could that be what he meant when he said he was going to transform America?

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