Word is the tea party movement began in 2007 in response to Rep. Ron Paul’s outspoken opposition to big government, its continual deficit spending, and the nation’s unsustainable debt. So, why does the left hate the tea party movement; are they not values shared by all true Americans?

The reason is obvious, the tea party believes in those things which this nation’s founders fought for and which made it great; things such as a free and independent press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, a free enterprise system, and most of all freedom from government intrusion. And since the left abhors those same things, they naturally hate the tea party movement.

For many years, up until the tea party movement really took root, conservatives were for the most part silent. After all, this nation was founded on Christian-Judeo Bible principals. In other words, this was a conservative thinking nation. So, it’s understandable although unfortunate that many conservatives went through life complacent, believing things would remain the same and the freedoms they shared would always be there. And then the left began to push Marxism, or Socialism if you will.

It wasn’t at first considered a threat because it had little voice and less influence. That was during the time when Christianity so dominated society that it was taken for granted. Public schools taught the Bible, classes opened with the pledge of allegiance with “under God” in its words, and commencement exercises always began with prayer. And God and Jesus Christ were routinely referred to in all forms of public communication.

But the left never gave up; instead they pushed ahead gaining one inch at a time. They knew full well that their slow but methodical approach would hardly be noticed by the right until it would be too late. And they were right; conservatives stood idly by too occupied with their own personal lives to give much thought or concern to the societal changes that were taking place right before their very eyes.

Most of those running for political office were from the left. But they easily won because the conservative majority either did not vote or were seduced by the lies. And many were able to make it their life’s career for like reasons.

And once in office, the leftist politicians, now self-defined as progressives, pushed for the appointment of progressives to the benches of federal and state courts. And they were successful because conservatives were intimidated by their agenda of tolerance. Out of fear of being labeled bigots or racists, the conservatives acquiesced. And while most of the nation was still thought to be conservative, progressive judges were gaining significant influence in courts across the nation. And in due time those judges began to exercise that influence. A transformation had begun.

And during my lifetime, I have witnessed a God-fearing nation be transformed into a God-less nation; a nation where Bibles not only are no longer being taught in public schools but not even allowed on campus; a nation where prayer is considered offensive, and if exercised in public school or any other public forum will subject one to expulsion or firing; a nation where our military’s Christian chaplains once performed open Christian services to a time when they are no longer allowed to even mention Jesus Christ in any public setting, under penalty of disciplinary punishment; a nation where homosexuals were denied the right to serve in our armed forces because it defied human nature, to a time when homosexuality is not only deemed appropriate but glorified.

And this transformation came about while conservatives were quiet; only liberals or progressives were being heard because they were the ones always beating their drums for more government intervention and more handouts. But then the conservatives awoke from their long sleep; the tea party was born and began to grow up. And now that it is of age it is speaking out. And that frightens the left!

The left hates the tea party because they no longer have the stage to themselves. They can no longer spit their venom of hatred without being challenged; now they have to share that stage with another voice. And that frightens the left!

For many years the left has been screaming for more and more Socialism, more redistribution of wealth, more of government taking from the producers and giving to the non-producers. But now the tea party has a voice, and its message is being heard.

The tea party represents freedom and prosperity, everything that made this nation great. The left represents slavery and despair, just the opposite.

The left wishes the tea party would once again become silent; if only they could return to the good-old-days. But that will not happen. They woke the sleeping giant, and it is now his time to be heard and he will be heard. And that frightens the left! That is why the left hates the tea party movement.

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