That’s right, according to numerous sources, Obama and Clinton support the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

It is reported that in May of last year, while most Americans were unaware,Hillary Clinton signed an agreement with the United Nations that would in effect place United States gun sales and ownership under control of the United Nations.

While the wording of the proposal is not yet known since it is still in the preparation stage, it is for certain that once completed it will amount to nullification of the Second Amendment, the Constitutional right of all American citizens to keep and bear arms.

As reported by the Washington Times, U.N. justification is due to 300,000 worldwide deaths each year from national internal strife. And they believe that by banning legal ownership and or transfer of small arms and ammunition, fewer weapons would fall into the hands of rebels, thereby reducing deaths.

While progressives and liberals may believe banning of all private owned guns would be a good thing, the truth is that it would lead to more deaths. Lest we forget, apart from private gun ownership, this nation would still be flying the Union Jack.

And we need only be reminded of places such as Cuba and Vietnam where strong gun control is in effect today and civil rights and freedom is virtually unknown.

It should come as no surprise that there are those who have for some time been pushing for a one-world government. And if American citizens can be disarmed, that goal will be much closer to becoming reality. So, more than anything else, our Second Amendment is the U.N.’s and Obama’s and Clinton’s biggest nightmare.

Fortunately however, for the treaty to take effect, it must be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote in the U.S. Senate. And as it stands now, there is no chance that could happen. However, if for some reason the progressives gain enough seats in the 2012 General Election, then all bets are off. I have no doubt that there are those who would simply love to see Americans disarmed.

It is well known that the Obama Administration will do anything it can to make private gun ownership a crime. In fact, as reported by the Huff Post on September 5 of this year, Obama presently has the Justice Department working on recommended gun control reforms. The Administration fully realizes it cannot get legislation through Congress, so the word is that the reforms will be made effective by executive order, something for which this President has already become famous.

As to when the executive order will be released, or just what it will entail is not yet known. However, according to Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, it will be revealed soon. Even so, let’s hope there never will be votes in the Senate to ratify the proposed U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

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